4 thoughts on “Egypt’s January 25 Revolution two years on”

  1. Named after the eponymous heroine of the famous 19th century novel! Tr**ly, madly deeply Trew! Bet u haven’t heard that one a few mill times before? *roll eyes cue* ..path of **** love is never smooth.. Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s..must all be new to you, right? Well as a frontline dispatcher youre almost 2 good to b …. True grit, Miss Trew.

  2. Realtime/Twitter News helps us see the plight and share the dispare. Keep it coming you do a great job, be wise and be safe for us all.

    Sadly, the Brotherhood has performed without the clear mandate and desires of the people dreams. The dreams of a nation have been hijacked, manipulated by extreme views dressed in sheep’s clothing under the guise of carrying the torch and hopes of the new nation.

    2 years ago I did the one thing I said I wouldn’t do to prove my convictions about what the Brotherhood would never deliver and unleash upon the same citizens that the rose up to protect their culture and give life to the new Government and new Hope. I won the bet with my friends in Eygpt (base at O….) but no pleasure was taken, no pleasure in the despair Egyptians have had experience and no pleasure in the fact the solution will harm a generation of young to come.

    Freedom and Justice Party salvage the human tragedy and maintain the dignity of the Egyptian people. The world look’s on.. the continued situation is below the dignity of such a the great nation given so much to the world, to its culture and to its inspiration from looking at the past, which was looking into the future.

    Egyptians hold fast, better will have to come, because the dreams of the people is bigger, stronger and will out last beyond that of any political entity.

    My hopes, wishes and love for the poeple will always be there.
    from PS in London.

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