Sarin killed my unborn baby. When will it end?

The TimesBel Trew, Cairo
Struggling to breathe in the aftermath of the sarin gas attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun last month, Aya Fadl was one of many people rushed to the nearest hospital.

As the paramedics attached an oxygen mask to her face, she prayed she would survive — and that her unborn baby would too.

Ms Fadl was ten weeks pregnant when on April 4 a regime warplane dropped a chemical bomb on the town in northwest Syria, killing 25 of her relatives and 92 people in all.

She lived. Her baby did not.

“Days later the doctor told me that my baby had died because of the gas. I was devastated, there are no words,” she said. “It felt terrible. I was 70 days pregnant at the time.”

Ayaa Fadl’s account of the Sarin gas attack

Ms Fadl, 25, collapsed from the poisonous fumes after stumbling upon a lorry packed with the corpses of her dead relatives. She awoke in hospital, along with her son Nadjat, two, and her husband, Alaa, 27. Three of the 25 relatives she lost died only recently, after being taken to a hospital in Turkey in a vain attempt to save their lives. One of them was aged 11, she said.

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