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PRI Radio: A growing number of migrants are detained in Libya, enduring dismal conditions

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Libya is ground zero for Europe’s migrant crisis. Tens of thousands of people from across Africa and Asia use it as a transit point to get to Europe. It’s attractive because it’s relatively close to southern Europe, and because Libya is itself a country in conflict.

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But now the authorities in Libya are trying to get a handle on the migrants. Hundreds are being locked up prior to deportation. But conditions are terrible.

Bel Trew of The Times of London got rare access to the camps and just got back. She calls the conditions “horrific.”

“We’re talking about airless, windowless houses in soaring temperatures,” she says, “with hundreds of people in these rooms. And they’re often there months at a time because they are waiting to be repatriated home.”

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Photo:  Ismail Zitouny/Reuters