Bel Trew is a Cairo-based Middle East and North Africa reporter for The Times (of London) and a freelance broadcast journalist. She has reported on the region since the 2011 Arab Spring from her base in Egypt, covering multiple conflicts from Libya to Syria.

She has worked in print, television and radio with the The Times and The Sunday Times, BBC TV & Radio, France 24, The Daily Beast, Foreign PolicyNew Statesman, Huffington Post, RTE and Tatler among others. Her work and investigations from the charity rescue boats in the Mediterranean, the battle against Isis in Libya and Egypt’s infamous prisons made her a finalist in the One World Media awards in 2017.

This website features a selection of Bel’s work.
For commissions please email. Click here for LinkedIn.

15 comments on “About

  1. mohamed rashad

    i wish to be friend with you bel

    • tirath sangra

      dear bel wishing you happy new year bel can i take to you please

      • And I just read your story on sexual harassment…. #Truth

        Can’t help but side with these two though… I’m as a big a fan!

  2. Sohaib Hassan

    Bel you are a legend!
    Keep doing what you do.
    Thanks for your work
    Stay Trew.

    Helping reverse the khawazee2 of the MB.

  3. Prawesh Sinha

    i love you Bel

  4. Manoj Nath

    People of Egypt are living in a hard time. Hope peace will come to Egypt and people will enjoy freedom socially and economically are my wishes from here in India. And of course I thanks Bel Trew for her presentation of news about the situation in Egypt on Russia Today, where I watch her.

  5. You have creative present for RT because When you live on RT there are some tecnical problem on live but you have manage your report during live that’s way its very creative for journalist.

  6. You must have a PHD in fighting off lewd egyptian men Bel. I can’t imagine how much intestinal fortitude it takes for an attractive woman to be in your position constantly.

    I suppose I “trustwrthy” is probably the best description of what I feel when I see and hear you reporting. I must admit I lose focus occasionaly 🙂

  7. Nickneachtain

    Bel you are a wand,
    Please wave it over the little babies as they scream up to their mother.
    Bel – you are their mother,
    Use the wand wisely Bel, you mother, many mothers don’t have them.

    Bel I am at a cliffs edge.
    i will shoot myself into a box now.
    which will fall back into the sea.
    I hope my corpse sails to you.
    I will have a rose in my mouth.
    and some money for you
    (you can use it to buy food if you want)

    goodby Bel now.
    You Hero Bitch.

    I love your everything,
    9 times.

    and more than that.

    I built a church from leather.
    and invited your ghost.
    she came with a bag of bullets.
    I sed leave them at the door Bel.
    You Hedgehog.

    Where do u end


  8. Just saw your coverage of Egypt on RT and thought you did a good job. I would point out that the US government has been giving money to the Egyptian military for long before when the Brotherhood took control, though. In any case, best wishes.

  9. Hi. Great reporting from Egypt!

  10. Ghulam Nabi Soomro

    Best of Luck Bel. Good Work. Keep it up.

  11. You are a very fascinating Person. Beauty and intelligence are combined. Unfortunately no Information regarding your personal life.

  12. My cable provider removed RT. I’ll have to come here to check your work Bel.
    Salutations from the Texas, USA

  13. Bel you are a beauty and a joy forever.

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